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30 December 2022 @ 09:15 pm

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01 February 2021 @ 06:14 am
since ive' been in the fandom for quite a while now, i've already manage to write some fanfics. and right now i've decided to have a list so that whenever you guys wanna feel like reading it, it would be a lot easier, well if you just like to. LOL.

some of the stuffs are still to be uploaded since most of it is in LSS.



♥Hisashiburi [complete]


Just so you know
   coming soon
♥ Status: Its Complicated


 one-shots &&  drabbles [click on the red hearts]

The Prince, the Princess and the Pauper
The X-effect [one-shot]
A Box of Chocolate
Who would have thought
♥  Making Sure - entry for ebisu_midnights' holiday fic challenge
The Visitor
I've Never
 Just because he could
I'll be waiting
When she's at stake

Mao x T.O.P.
  -since i'm also shipping Big Bang and Mao is my favorite girl, i've decided to make something for them. LOL. idk if the other members of BB would get a shot like this. :)

so that's pretty much it, i'll be uploading the chapters of the multi-chapters soon.
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24 April 2011 @ 12:46 am
Warning: this entry would be tackling about the holy week i've spent and about my faith. :D
this is the view from women's lodging area. 

as some of you may know i just gone from a week-long youth camp, actually it was only for five days. and i just got home yesterday.

before the camp, i was praying real hard that i could gain friends in no time, since i know that most of the campers would know most of the people since they are from the same church, so even if they would be meeting others from other churches it is still not that hard on them, unlike me who only knows two of my cousins, my brother and my aunt, and that is because we were only invited by one of the members of the Bethany Baptist Church. and another prayer of mine before the camp is that in the course of the whole week i hope that God would change my heart, for i have been noticing how much i'm failing as a Christian that the few weeks before the camp i've been running my life more than i'm letting God, which should not be the case for i supposedly surrendered my life to him. there was a great guilt in me in those weeks.

and even before the camp begins my first prayer has been answered already because on our way to Baguio i already made a friend who would also be in the camp and that would be Ate Alice. :)

then on the first night of the camp i was greatly moved by Pastor Dunlop's message, that when he imposed the question "do you know where are you going after you die?" i cant help but be troubled. troubled because i know i should be able to say firmly that i will go to heaven since i know that i already have received Christ as my personal Saviour but at that time it doesnt feel like that. for as i reflect on the things that i've been doing especially when the summer started i dont think that anyone would think that i am a believer. so when they had an invitation for those who wants to receive God, i raised my hand, and i promised that this time i would do better. but later did i know that "once saved always saved" so i when i learned about that i was shocked and amazed at the same time, and a lil embarrassed for i didnt know that.lol. but at least now, more than ever i'm sure that i already placed my name in the book of life for it is written "Jesus says,“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)"

on the coming days i was able to meet other friends, there's Ate Bea, Osh, and Angela and together with Ate Alice and my Auntie Ashley we call ourselves the BEM Team.LOL. and there were also others i've met because of the activities.

also in the course of the whole camp i got to evaluate myself as a friend, a daughter, a sibling and as a Christian.  all the messages were relly moving and there were even times that it moved me into tears, especially when i would realize how much i dont deserved to be loved by god and yet he does. and that how blessed i am, that thou i'm not perfect and thou i'm a sinner he keeps on blessing me and showing me His love to me daily. 
and right now the prayer i'm having right now is that my mom would also be saved and so are you my friends for i know that no one would like to suffer in hell and that believing in Christ is one thing that you wouldn't regret. :)

and as i end this entry i would like to quote Pastor Dunlop "nothing given to Christ would ever be a waste." and that "God forgives the greatest of sins." :)
03 April 2011 @ 10:18 pm
Who is the funniest person you know, and why?

that would be my best friend Clyde. well, she's really funny person and that's one of her great points. she could make anyone laugh with her antics and all that's why people easily warms up to her. and she's really a natural.  :))
23 March 2011 @ 01:08 pm

Mao smiled as she closed her phone. Now she cant wait to see him again, and that gave her motivation to glamour herself up for the photo shoot so it would end soon and she could be back to his arms again. But not before visiting Victoria’s Secret.

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06 February 2011 @ 10:43 pm
Title: Status:It's Complicated
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun x Inoue Mao
Genre: romance, fluff,angst.
Summary: i dunno what to put in here since i dont wanna spoil you tho i know most of you have read this already in LSS. but let's just say that this fic lives up to it's name It's Complicated. :)


 She heard the piano started to ring all throughout the church; it is Felix Mendelsshon’s Wedding March. She breathed in deeply then clutch to her father’s arm, and started marching. It was slow, just like what every bride does. 1.. 2.. 3.. step, and again, 1.. 2.. 3.., step. She did it again and again, counting silently in her mind. When she has done it for the fourth time she has noticed that she’s already mid-way through the aisle and everyone is watching her: her mom, her soon-to-be in-laws, her university friends, their managers, their friends from the entertainment industry and of course those pair of shining brown eyes that she’s been searching for ever since she stepped in. She smiled, because she knows that both of them know that in just a few minutes they would be together forever. She kept her pace until she’s a couple of steps away from him. But suddenly the piano’s tune changed and now is playing…. Love So Sweet?



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24 January 2011 @ 10:56 pm
warning this post is the fangirl in me flailing! hahaha

okay, just so you guys know, i'm a big sucker for romance. may it be novels, drama, movies, and manga. the genre just have to be included, even if it isn't really the main focus.
but right now i just found the sweetest manga i ever read. okaaay, it's not like i read mangas a lot., actually the number of mangas i read is really handful. but Faster Than A Kiss just really have a big impact on me.

the manga is far from perfect. the story might also be of the usual, hell there were also times wherein i get fed up with the heroine but somehow the giddiness and tingles it give me whenever i read it is just over the top.

and what's refreshing about it is that it doesn't really have to show "sex" just to be sweet and all. (well compared to Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu. that i'm also reading.) and the Ojiro-sensei just so happen to be HOT! and really manly. LOL. well, i like it that thou their married and all, he still doesn't make advances to Fumino and wants to protect her innocenceeven if its getting its toll on him. and the bizarre situation that their in (student-teacher relationship) is just cute. its not scandalous as it would be in real life or other portrayal of other mangakas. 

okaaay~! right now, i should just stop and focus on my midterms. LOL.

but idk i just love it. hahahaha.. i love ojiro sensei.
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25 December 2010 @ 12:17 pm

may the CELEBRANT Bless you all!
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22 August 2010 @ 08:05 pm
Title: T.O.P.-ings
Author: 6elica
Genre: romance
Pairing: Inoue Mao/T.O.P.
Disclaimer: i dont own any of the characters. this is just an idea from a fangirl like moi. :)

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author's note: i want a mao-t.o.p. fanfic but i guess i wont find some so i just made something for myself. lol. but i got lazy so ta-da a drabble has been made. but i do hope someone shares the same interest with me. :) V.I.P. fo sho'. lol


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11 May 2010 @ 08:53 pm
Today and the week to come i'll be staying here in my Dad's province, which is Pampanga. Far from the bustling sounds and over polluted surrounding of Manila.

Its been a while since the last time i've visited here, i think its been 3-4 years already, though before we've been a regular here.

To get here you have to endure a traffic that would make a supposedly 3o minute journey from Divisoria to Monumento, then get on a Bus going to Cabiao that would be giving you a 2 hour long  scenery of fields and goats and cows and carabaos and a bonus, Mt. Arayat. haha. up until now its only Mt. Arayat, the only mountain that i've seen personally. then after the ride we would take a tricycle to bring us to the subdivision where my grandma's house is rooted.

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